About Oceans Vans ®

Ocean Vans was born from the dream of starting a business based on what we like the most: discovering places with who we love the most.
We are siblings from a family of three eager to offer the chance to live new travel experiences with one of our vans.

About us

Passionate about nature, sports and discovering the world. From a very young age we dreamed of having a VW just like the one our grandfather had.
Over time each of us has been able to acquire their own VW. We look forward to sharing this feeling of freedom and enjoying nature in a self-sufficient, respectful and flexible way.

Clàudia Surís

Passionate about outdoor sports and discovering world.
I have always loved traveling and, above all, doing it without limits of mobility and being able to access the heart of each of the places I have been to. Without restrictions of time or direction… Enjoying the little free time we have nowadays with freedom and self-sufficiency.

Víctor Surís

One of the trips that struck me the most was when, in 2014, my partner and I rented a 1992 Volkswagen California Ocean.
We spent a week traveling through France until we arrived in Switzerland; more than 2200 km where we could experience the reality of living in a van passing through very different places.
On that trip we realized that we definietly wanted to have our own van to keep discovering new destinations.
Finally, it was our third child who gave us the final push. At that time we needed space for all 5 of us and we didn’t want to miss the chance to keep traveling.